Hillsdale Constitution 201 – Part 2

If you have not already signed up for the Hillsdale Constitution 201 course, please do so now.  Someone, somewhere famously said that you must know your enemy.  This course addresses the inception and influence of progressivism in our nation’s ideology and governance.

I have long been lamenting that the statists who would restrain our liberty in favor of governmental dominance over our lives were the ideological descendants of royalists who never left after the American Revolution.  In this lecture, Ronald J. Pestritto discusses Woodrow Wilson’s love of the British constitution which is “living and breathing”, subject to the ideology of the Prime Minister who serves not only as an executive, but as a legislator.

He rightfully points to the presidential campaigns in America which address legislation, rather than the executive responsibility of executing the laws passed by Congress.  We have Bush’s No Child Left Behind and Medicare Part D.

These are not presidential responsibilities.  Now, we have seen Mr. Obama take legislative prerogatives to an entirely new level with his decision to violate the rule of law in the passage of Obamacare, by neglecting DOMA and immigration law via executive order, or fiat.  Even Governor Romney is running on his legislative agenda.

Folks, per the Constitution, that is not his job!  His job is to provide executive vision and to unite us to implement the legislation passed by our representatives in Congress, not to dictate to, nor to influence Congress.  His job as an executive of our government is to implement the will of the people via our elected representatives in Congress, just as a corporate executive or CEO implements the will of the Board of Directors, who just happen to be elected by shareholders.  Any good businessman knows this.  We must remind Governor Romney of his true Constitutional responsibilities and limitations.  In order to do that, we must understand them ourselves.

Please sign up now and take Hillsdale College’s Constitution 201 Course if you have not already done so:


We cannot restore our nation without restoring the separation of powers and demanding that each branch of our government properly execute its explicitly enumerated Constitutional responsibilities.

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  1. Mary Carter

    count me in, We need to do something.

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