All of this whining about hatred by the truly feeble

All of the fuss about hatred has some interesting implications. Hatred is an emotion.  Is there really an effort afoot to legislate emotion?

Our Founding Fathers understood human nature and developed a form of government that worked with that basic nature, exploiting its greatest virtues and circumventing its basest tendancies.  With a government based on rule of law, people are free to engage in any emotion at all, with no affect on one’s fellows.

By nature, people prefer to associate with like-minded people.  This can be considered “prejudice”, and perhaps it is, but with rule of law governing the land, no one’s personal prejudices are premitted to undermine or negate against the rights of his fellows, even those he hates.

Other forms of government from monarchies to oligarchies to dictatorships are all subject to human prejudice.  One navigates such a society by currying favor with the powerful.

But here in America, one is free to hate at will, for even the most specious of reasons.   All that is expected of an American is that one will  stand side by side with the fellow he hates and lay down his life to protect the rights of even his most despised fellow citizen.   I believe that is enough to ensure liberty for all, and I cannot imagine a more noble endeavor.

You are welcome to hate me and to stand by my side against the forces of tyranny, if you are an American.  If all we share is the love of liberty, it is enough.


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2 responses to “All of this whining about hatred by the truly feeble

  1. In the place of working with throngs of people driving around you, you
    may only focus on the game and interact with different people and
    the dealer only around you like.

    • gspurlock

      Thanks for your comment. That is a very good point! Some people only like to associate with like-minded people, others prefer to explore different ideas and personalities, and others at every point in between. In a free country, it works.

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