All of this whining about hatred by the truly feeble

All of the fuss about hatred has some interesting implications. Hatred is an emotion.  Is there really an effort afoot to legislate emotion?

Our Founding Fathers understood human nature and developed a form of government that worked with that basic nature, exploiting its greatest virtues and circumventing its basest tendancies.  With a government based on rule of law, people are free to engage in any emotion at all, with no affect on one’s fellows.

By nature, people prefer to associate with like-minded people.  This can be considered “prejudice”, and perhaps it is, but with rule of law governing the land, no one’s personal prejudices are premitted to undermine or negate against the rights of his fellows, even those he hates.

Other forms of government from monarchies to oligarchies to dictatorships are all subject to human prejudice.  One navigates such a society by currying favor with the powerful.

But here in America, one is free to hate at will, for even the most specious of reasons.   All that is expected of an American is that one will  stand side by side with the fellow he hates and lay down his life to protect the rights of even his most despised fellow citizen.   I believe that is enough to ensure liberty for all, and I cannot imagine a more noble endeavor.

You are welcome to hate me and to stand by my side against the forces of tyranny, if you are an American.  If all we share is the love of liberty, it is enough.

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Things that baffle me about liberals…

Liberals have been in control of education for nearly a century.  Liberals insist the American people are stupid.  Is this a contradiction?  Are they bragging about a fait accompli or are they acknowledging their utter failure?

Then, there is the issue of evolution.  If they believe in survival of the fittest as the means to perfect humanity, why are they aborting people right and left?  Why do they have so few children if they think their genes are superior?  Why on earth do they spend so much time trying to build self esteem in the less able by pretending everyone has equal ability when that is the antithesis of their beliefs?



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Restore our House

When an information system breaks down, there are two fundamental ways to fix it.  The first and easiest is to simply write more code to counter the erroneous behavior.  The more this solution is used, the more complex the system becomes and the more the real problem is obfuscated.  The second way, the correct way, is to dig down into the system and locate the source code that is causing the problems.  Then, correct that code.  It takes longer in the short term, but it solves the problem permanently and keeps the system functioning efficiently, clean, easy to maintain and to understand.

Our governmental system is breaking down.  It has been for over a century.  Each time the House changes hands, more and more legislation is added to correct the problems generated by the previous generation of legislation.

Programmers like to write code, legislators like to write legislation.  To date, Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals alike keep imposing more and more legislation to fix the problems.  But it never gets solved because no one has gone back and examined what caused the deterioration in the first place.

I have now done that research.  The problem and solution follow.  It will shock you.  You will say it can’t be done.  It is just as radical today as it was over 230 years ago when it was first proposed, perhaps more so.  It has been so long that it is a new idea again.  It is so simple it is almost frightening, but it must be done.

If you are a sincere patriot who is more interested in solving our nation’s problems than in exploiting them them, please help restore our House to true Citizen Statesmen and Stateswomen.

Recipe for Tyranny

In 1911, House membership reached 435.  Two years later, in 1913, the 16th Amendment granted the Federal Government the right to tax “income” (though the exact definition of “income” remains in some dispute).  In 1929 the number of Representatives in the House was limited to 435 by a House Rule.

These events created two divergent statistics that have reached critical mass in their relationship.

The two statistics are:

1.  Per capita representation in Congress which is going down. At present, with a population of over 306,000,000 and approximately 435 members in the House of Representatives, we have 1 legislator for every 700,000 citizens. When the Constitution was written, it stated “The Number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every 30,000, but each State shall have at Least one Representative;”

2.  Federal revenues from income tax are going steadily up. The liberal desire to “spread the wealth” may have some merit. By one revenue chart, in 2006, 40% of the GDP of our entire nation under the unilateral and discretionary control of 535 people who are more answerable to campaign contributors and lobbyists than to their constituents.

This is a recipe for tyranny. Whether it results in an oligarchy that engages in socialism, communism or any other ism is immaterial. Losing our right to control our individual and national destiny is a problem that warrants attention and action.  Our Representative Republic is already gone.  It has already deteriorated into an oligarchy.  Until it is restored, our nation will continue to deteriorate despite the best of intentions.  Even under conservative leadership it will continue to deteriorate as we saw under the Bush administration.

The Citizen Statesman and Self-Government

The purpose of the lower house, the House of Representatives, is to ensure self government by the Citizens of the United States of America. The House was to be composed of citizen statesmen, not professional or career politicians. The term is only for 2 years for multiple reasons, to prevent too long of an interruption in the citizen statesman’s career, and also to prevent complacency and self indulgence from taking root.

This body of citizen statesmen is the only arm of the government empowered to introduce new legislation to raise revenues. Yet, our President has just this year demanded such of them, and they have complied against the will of the people they allegedly represent.

The Constitution was so designed that all laws are to originate with the people, via Congress, not the President or the Courts.

The upper house, the Senate was to be composed of longer term, career statesmen who can provide balance and guidance to the members of the House. Neither the executive branch nor the judicial branch is empowered to introduce new legislation, only Congress. And that lower house was to be composed, not of politicians, but of citizens.

With each Representative representing a constituency of over 700,000, it is no longer possible for a common citizen to communicate effectively with enough of these people to acquire a majority or plurality of votes.  Thus, in 2008, we saw the majority of incumbents in Congress, with record public disapproval ratings; retain their seats in both houses.

Only career politicians or the independently wealthy are able to run for office successfully.  People who need to work fulltime jobs are prohibited by logistics from office.  This is the greatest tragedy and the single greatest reason for the deterioration of our republic to an oligarchy.  We must reduce the ratio of citizens to representatives to a level which will enable an average working citizen to campaign and fund-raise on a part-time basis and be able to win.  If it means enlarging the House of Representatives to a full 10,000 members, to the level of 30,000 citizens per representative, then so be it.

Antidote to Tyranny

  1. Repeal the House Rule that restricts membership to the House to 435 members.
  2. Split each district 7 ways to achieve a ratio of 1 Representative for every 100,000 citizens.
    1. The redistricting could be done all at once, or gradually, first splitting a district in half and double membership, and one or two terms later, split the new districts again until the designated ratio is achieved.
  3. The Representatives for each supra-district would elect from among themselves a Speaker of the District, who would represent the District in Washington.
    1. Each district could determine the frequency of rotating the position of Speaker for the District.  It could be every 6 months, annually, or for the duration of each 2-year term.
    2. The pay/salary for Representatives could be significantly reduced, and the Speaker for each district could be issued a per diem and/or expense account to cover the costs of residing in Washington.
  4. All other Representatives would office in their home districts and participate in voting and debates electronically.
  5. When a roll is called, each home district representative would submit his vote to the Speaker for the District, and upon being called, the District Speaker would call the number of Ayes, Nays and Abstentions.


1.  Restore the concept of the citizen statesman.  At present it is nearly impossible for an average citizen to successfully communicate with 700,000 voters to achieve a majority.  Only the independently wealthy and/or career politicians can mount a successful campaign thus logistically prohibiting the participation of true citizen statesmen and women in the House.

2.  Eliminate the abuses of lobbying.  With the entire membership of the House in Washington, D.C. for most of the year, constituents have very little access to their representatives, but they are all in one place where lobbyists have nearly exclusive and cost effective access to the Representatives of the people.  By distributing the vast majority, 6 out of 7 Representatives per supra-district, throughout the nation evenly, it would be cost prohibitive for lobbyists to exert influence over our Representatives.

3.  Eliminate back-room deals.  It would become nearly impossible for the administration or any group to successfully create voting blocs as the Speakers for the Districts would have no control over the voting of the local Representatives.

4.  Effective communication between Representatives and their constituents.  All citizens would be within 1-2 hours drive of their representative and could visit them easily to communicate their concerns and wishes regarding current legislation.

5.  Pre-empt the need for term limits.

This is a rough outline of how we can restore our representative republic with the smallest and most dramatic change possible.  The details can be worked out by the House once it is again composed of true citizen statesmen and women.  There are many Representatives right now who do meet that description despite the odds, but with the existing structure, corrupted nearly a century ago, they remain under chronic, heavy assault by special interests and inaccessible to their constituents despite their best efforts.

Please think these thoughts through.  Perhaps this general program can be refined and improved.  The goal is simply a representative republic, with the lower House populated by true citizen statesmen and women.

The true beauty of this solution is that all that is required to make it happen is the revocation of a single house rule.  We don’t need to amend the Constitution or engage in extreme or complex legislation.  Repeal that rule.  Restore the Republic.


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America is an idea

It is not the land.  It is not even the people.  It is an idea.  That idea is eloquently and concisely articulated in our founding documents.

Anyone who opposes that idea, who thinks it needs to be changed, opposes America.

Anyone who opposes that idea is an enemy of America.

The history of the world is a history of conquest.  It has only one form of government, the domination of the unwashed masses by an elite few.  It doesn’t matter whether it is a monarchy, oligarchy, dictatorship (military or otherwise), theocracy, socialism or communism.  Every single form of government known on planet earth, except America, exemplifies the rule of the few over the many.  Every attempt at democracy has degenerated into tyranny.

Now, we are at a great watershed in America.  The question is, can we retain our republic?

The idea of America is that the unwashed masses are better fit to determine their own destiny than an elite few.

Those who consider themselves among that elite typically oppose America and all that it stands for.  There are many such people in our nation, and even in our government, today who are determined to rob us of our liberty, for our own good.

Are we going to allow it?


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Letter to the Democrat Senators

Dear Senator,

It would appear that the media has done you a disservice in squelching the story of the Tea Parties.  Now the Tea Parties have greater support and credibility than either the Democrat or Republican party.  How much longer before they have more support than both parties combined?  And you really didn’t know it was happening.  We aren’t even warmed up yet.  We are just stretching and flexing our muscles.

What has happened is that indeed a sleeping giant has been awakened.  And, we are not going to rest until all three branches of government are reined back within the confines of the Constitution.  Unlike your own unruly rabble who use violence and threats in barbaric tantrums like those of the SEIU, Code Pink and Acorn, we Tea Party Patriots have been reading the Constitution.  And, unlike many of your erstwhile colleagues, we understand it.  We have been debating, analyzing, researching and drawing and sharing conclusions. 

Within 10 years, I assure you, we will roll back a hundred years of socialist intrusion, corruption and assaults upon our Constitution, our nation and our liberty.  Exactly how, I do not yet know.  There are thousands of groups working on it as we speak.  But all of them have the same goal. 

At this point, I think that passing the Health Care Legislation will release a firestorm of legal activity that would make ACORN and the environmental lobby green with envy.  You see we are not funded by the Republican party, nor any self serving billionaire, we are on our own.  And as such, no one can control us.  No one can restrain us.  We are the people of America and it is our job to restrain you when you prove yourselves incapable of self restraint.  And then, we will replace you.

I am just telling you how it is.  We will not resort to violence, fraud or any of the illegal activity that typifies your party.  Any sham efforts to create such dissention or the illusion of it will be met with ridicule and exposure. 

Read the Declaration of Independence.  Read the Constitution.  We separated our nation from Great Britain because of far less abuse than the federal government has imposed upon us for the last century.  We must restore the Constitution.  Government, all 3 branches, must be reined in.  Your job is to secure our liberties, but for the past 100 years, our federal government has been infringing upon them, deliberately.  We now know there was never any intention of supporting the Constitution or serving the citizens of this great nation.  That genii will never be put back in the bottle. 

But I am not complaining, not really.  Someday when Mr. Obama is sitting in a jail cell for his nefarious activities, and perhaps you will be with him, I will write him a letter thanking him.  Had not these abuses stirred our patriotism and instincts for survival, I would not have met the many Tea Party patriots with whom I am forging lifelong friendships. 

We are now united and when We the People are united, no one can defeat us.  No one ever has and no one ever will.

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A new elephant in the room…Health Insurance

Where are our conservative political analysts on the issue of health insurance?

The “Health Care Reform” does not have anything at all to do with health care, it has to do with insurance.  By the simple twist of semantics to say “health care”, while referring to “health insurance”, we are all up in arms about the government taking control of the “health care industry”.

It is a fallacy, it is about insurance.  Presently, with the exception of the Federal government’s prohibition of insurance companies selling products across state lines, the insurance industry is under the jurisdiction of the States.  I will concede that most state have mismanaged that responsibility, succumbing to the insurance lobbiests and the idiotic demands for everything from physicals to viagra to be covered.

However, it is still legally a States responsibility.  It is this State responsibility that the federal government is usurping.

And not a peep from a single conservative pundit or analyst.

Can anyone explain why?


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Can you hear us now?

Yes, I was there.  Yes, it was amazing.

The most telling sign was the one with a man holding a megaphone shouting “Can you hear us now?”  Since 9/12/2009, the message from the President, from Congress and from the media has been a very resounding “No!”


As this very wide angle photo of the protest shows, there probably was in excess of 2,000,000 people there.  As a participant, it was not possible, from a person’s eye view to see everyone, to even get a grasp of the magnitude of the protest.  When we saw estimates in the tens of thousands, we knew that was hooey, but 2.7 million, well that sounded like wishful thinking…until I saw this photo.

The interviews that are missing are the interviews of the hotel staffs where many of us spend the night, the restaurant maitre d’s where we went for lunch after the march.  Find out what they think of the tea party patriots.  Do we deserve the vitriol spewed at us?  Are we just a bunch of crankypants, old bigots who are suffering the death throes of our cherished white supremacism?

No, we are the people who fought and died to arrive on these shores.  We are the people who began protesting slavery over 400 years ago when we first learned of it.  We are the people who flooded the shores of Normandy and left a carpet of dead behind us.  We are the people who passed civil rights legislation in opposition to the Democrat party time and time again, only to watch them ignore it and fund the KKK to kill our fellow citizens, black and white.  We are the people who cared for and fed one another during the depression.  We are the people who love this nation for what it was, for what it is and for what it can be.

It will not be another failed socialist state.  That is not an option.

Since 9/12, Acorn has been defunded and the nationalization of health care has been pretty much derailed.  Both can be resuscitated if we stop watching, and we know it.  We are no less vigilant today than we were on 9/12/2009 or 9/12/2001.  We know when we and our nation are in jeopardy.  And we will not close both eyes simultaneously as long as we are.

Call us whatever names you want.   We were all bullied in school just like everyone else…in fact if you talk to most of the bullies, they thought they were bullied too.  We learned how to deal with it.  We learned that words from someone else’s mouth cannot harm us without our agreement.  We may have cried over it, but we didn’t forfeit our identity over it, and we did not become weak or embittered over it.  So go ahead, spread your vitriol and spew your malice.  We don’t care what you think or say because you have long since forfeited our respect.

As I  posted before, we want a laissez faire government, and we want to go back to our lives, our children our homes, hobbies and dreams.  We won’t do it though, until we know it is safe to do so.  And the longer it takes, the more annoyed we are going to become.  Just because we are not the kind of violent, degraded, debauched people who populate liberal protests, do not think we cannot make our weight felt.  We will find a way, it will be legal, but that doesn’t mean it will be pleasant for the people assaulting our nation and Constitution.


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