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Letter to the Democrat Senators

Dear Senator,

It would appear that the media has done you a disservice in squelching the story of the Tea Parties.  Now the Tea Parties have greater support and credibility than either the Democrat or Republican party.  How much longer before they have more support than both parties combined?  And you really didn’t know it was happening.  We aren’t even warmed up yet.  We are just stretching and flexing our muscles.

What has happened is that indeed a sleeping giant has been awakened.  And, we are not going to rest until all three branches of government are reined back within the confines of the Constitution.  Unlike your own unruly rabble who use violence and threats in barbaric tantrums like those of the SEIU, Code Pink and Acorn, we Tea Party Patriots have been reading the Constitution.  And, unlike many of your erstwhile colleagues, we understand it.  We have been debating, analyzing, researching and drawing and sharing conclusions. 

Within 10 years, I assure you, we will roll back a hundred years of socialist intrusion, corruption and assaults upon our Constitution, our nation and our liberty.  Exactly how, I do not yet know.  There are thousands of groups working on it as we speak.  But all of them have the same goal. 

At this point, I think that passing the Health Care Legislation will release a firestorm of legal activity that would make ACORN and the environmental lobby green with envy.  You see we are not funded by the Republican party, nor any self serving billionaire, we are on our own.  And as such, no one can control us.  No one can restrain us.  We are the people of America and it is our job to restrain you when you prove yourselves incapable of self restraint.  And then, we will replace you.

I am just telling you how it is.  We will not resort to violence, fraud or any of the illegal activity that typifies your party.  Any sham efforts to create such dissention or the illusion of it will be met with ridicule and exposure. 

Read the Declaration of Independence.  Read the Constitution.  We separated our nation from Great Britain because of far less abuse than the federal government has imposed upon us for the last century.  We must restore the Constitution.  Government, all 3 branches, must be reined in.  Your job is to secure our liberties, but for the past 100 years, our federal government has been infringing upon them, deliberately.  We now know there was never any intention of supporting the Constitution or serving the citizens of this great nation.  That genii will never be put back in the bottle. 

But I am not complaining, not really.  Someday when Mr. Obama is sitting in a jail cell for his nefarious activities, and perhaps you will be with him, I will write him a letter thanking him.  Had not these abuses stirred our patriotism and instincts for survival, I would not have met the many Tea Party patriots with whom I am forging lifelong friendships. 

We are now united and when We the People are united, no one can defeat us.  No one ever has and no one ever will.

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A new elephant in the room…Health Insurance

Where are our conservative political analysts on the issue of health insurance?

The “Health Care Reform” does not have anything at all to do with health care, it has to do with insurance.  By the simple twist of semantics to say “health care”, while referring to “health insurance”, we are all up in arms about the government taking control of the “health care industry”.

It is a fallacy, it is about insurance.  Presently, with the exception of the Federal government’s prohibition of insurance companies selling products across state lines, the insurance industry is under the jurisdiction of the States.  I will concede that most states have mismanaged that responsibility, succumbing to the insurance lobbiests and the idiotic demands for everything from physicals to viagra to be covered.

However, it is still legally a States responsibility.  It is this State responsibility that the federal government is usurping.

And not a peep from a single conservative pundit or analyst.

Can anyone explain why?


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Weighing in on National Health Care

There is a central paradox to the issue of national health care. “Health Care” and “health insurance” are treated as synonymous.

Health insurance regulations are the exclusive province of the States. There is no federal regulation. All medical malpractice insurance laws exist at the state level only. Federal regulation of health insurance would be a violation of the constitution.

If the Federal government is prohibited from regulating medical insurance, then it is certainly a violation of the Constitution for it to 0ffer health insurance

We must also consider the fact that having health insurance does not equate to having health care. The insurance may not cover the care or procedures that one needs. The policy may have a prohibitive deductible.

If we have a problem with either health care or health insurance, my first rule of thumb is to locate and eliminate the government interference as the first means of correction.

Eliminating all mandates for insurance is the first corrective action that needs to be taken. If insurers were subjected to the pressures of the marketplace, we would soon see honesty and efficiency begin to arise in this business.

Government sponsorship and control of health care, whether of the actual care or of the supporting insurance, are open invitations to corruption and incompetence. And we know it. I have spoken with numerous liberals who are fully aware that nationalized health care will reduce the availability of care and increase the incidence of death and impairment. Why are they willing to spend over a trillion dollars for lower levels of care and higher costs?

What is the benefit? We can remove responsibility for one’s family from the shoulders of the individual. When care is not delivered, it is no longer the “fault” or responsibility of the parents. When their child dies or is permanently disabled, they can command sympathy, because no one can control a federal bureaucracy.

It would appear that we do indeed have a considerable proportion of our populace who would be very happy to pay over $1,000,000,000,000 of other people’s money to escape responsibility for their own children’s well being.

The saddest part of all of this is that health and well being starts at home, not at a doctor’s or insurer’s office. According to Adelle Davis, a full 90% of all automobile accidents are caused by people experiencing low blood sugar, thus reducing alertness and reaction time.

Simply being well-fed and properly rested eliminates 90% of all accidents. Likewise, illness can only take hold when bacteria or virus can break through a cell wall, invade the cell and reproduce using the cell’s contents for nutrition. When the cell walls are strong and vigorous, it is very difficult for the germs to penetrate, and the white blood cells are able to do their job and destroy the pathogens. Ditto for allergens. When particles cannot penetrate the cell walls, no irritation exists, the pollutants are flushed from the system.

Of course, there are toxins and pathogens which are more virulent than others, yet, remaining healthy is not that difficult for most people most of the time. The most dangerous of toxins and pathogens can be readily avoided by living a reasonably healthy life. In the rare instances when injury or illness cannot be averted, there would be plenty of service available, were it not being commanded by those who simply refuse to take care of themselves or do not know how.

Why do they refuse? Because they have insurance that they don’t have to pay for, their employer pays for it. Then they become dependent upon it and believe they need it. Well, it is all a big lie. Between 80% and 90% of the funds being consumed by health insurance and medical care is pure waste, runoff, money down the drain, or in the pockets of a handful of predators.  Who are the predators?  The insurance companies?  Maybe, more likely though, the trial lawyers who sue for exorbitant damages, and the business that purchase the resulting annuities for pennies on the dollar.

The “crisis” in health care is really nothing more than a crisis in personal responsibility. If we reduced accidents by even 70% and illness by a similar percentage, we would find we had far more health care services than we need. And, with a well-educated and responsible citizenry, we would see injuries and illness both decrease dramatically.

The only guarantee that nationalized health care can provide is the guarantee that your health care services will deteriorate, but that it “won’t be your fault”, so that makes it ok.

Has our national character really become so enfeebled?

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