America is an idea

It is not the land.  It is not even the people.  It is an idea.  That idea is eloquently and concisely articulated in our founding documents.

Anyone who opposes that idea, who thinks it needs to be changed, opposes America.

Anyone who opposes that idea is an enemy of America.

The history of the world is a history of conquest.  It has only one form of government, the domination of the unwashed masses by an elite few.  It doesn’t matter whether it is a monarchy, oligarchy, dictatorship (military or otherwise), theocracy, socialism or communism.  Every single form of government known on planet earth, except America, exemplifies the rule of the few over the many.  Every attempt at democracy has degenerated into tyranny.

Now, we are at a great watershed in America.  The question is, can we retain our republic?

The idea of America is that the unwashed masses are better fit to determine their own destiny than an elite few.

Those who consider themselves among that elite typically oppose America and all that it stands for.  There are many such people in our nation, and even in our government, today who are determined to rob us of our liberty, for our own good.

Are we going to allow it?


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10 responses to “America is an idea

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  3. Nice!!
    I just can say this word ! Because you write everything!!

  4. I am 61 yrs old and have been on the web for 10 yrs.this is the best blog/website i have ever encountered since the beginning.I have only one rule for a site and that is i must learn something from it ,even if by accident alone.This site fits the bill.Your site is firmly inplanted in my favorite places.I am simply amazed by not only your writeings ,but also impressed with the caliber of the responces .Plain simple thoughts easy to understand,has a good beat and easy to dance to.I intend to send this site to every one i know and let them decide wether to read it or not.Don’t get to excited with that last comment,i don’t know that many people.In ending thanxs for a wonder full reading experience 😉

  5. Dave Henderson

    Please replace my email address with my name before posting my comments of a minute ago. Thanks

  6. Dave Henderson

    “That idea is eloquently and concisely articulated in our founding documents.” I couldn’t agree more and those principals stand alone! I believe a corollary is to solidify efforts to reinvigorate that idea requires the discussion confine our goals to the principals embedded of that “idea.”

    I am disturbed that the effort to return to the founding principals of government may be sidetracked by well meaning people who insist social issues that the Founders rested with the States are now being demanded from the Federal Government. I see no way to return our government to limited powers at the national level without restricting our demands from that government to the enumerated powers of the Constitution.

    The Federal funding of abortion is a valid issue for the national discussion, but the efficacy abortion is not. That, like gay marriage, is an issue to be decided by each state. Moral issues are not always fair game for national discussion within the confines of a limited government.

    The Founders believed in “voting with your feet.” If you don’t like the way one state decides on a social issue, you are free to move to a state who has codified the idea you support, or you are free to lobby for your state to change its position. What you should not be able to demand of Washington is support for your “social position.”

    I believe in the principals espoused by our Founding Fathers. I hope we do not hinder ourselves fighting for governmental issues in which we share a belief, by becoming bogged down in social issues that the Founders believed were issues preempted from a national government

    • gspurlock

      Agreed. I’ve been doing a great deal of reading of our founding documents and history. The plain and simple fact is that our form of government can only exist if the people are moral and virtuous as a whole. If it is necessary to legislate morality, then the people have lost that attribute and require a more invasive government.

      That is and must be the essence of the current debate because it is the lynchpin upon which our republic is balanced.

  7. Megan

    By America are you referring to the United States? They’re not the same thing.

    • gspurlock

      Have you ever heard of the “American Dream”? Is there another nation in North or South America about which the same things can be written? Is there another nation in the history of the world about which these things can be written?

      I’ve heard that citizens of many of the nations in the western hemisphere are offended that the term “American” is equated with the United States. Boo hoo. No one is stopping them from being distinctive, or from practicing the principles identified in our founding documents and achieving the same level of prosperity and influence.

      But they have not. Like it or not, “America” means the U.S. in most people’s minds. Quibble if you want, but that is the way it is right now. If Obama and the liberals and socialists get their way, our nation will be destroyed and reduced to the level of the myriad banana republics with which our dear leader is so enamored. Within a few decades it will be just like Camelot and our history books will say it was just a PR myth and there never was such a place.

      That’s what they have been teaching to the past few generations…and it appears to have been very successful with today’s youth. Thus, the watershed.

      Best regards,
      Gail S

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