The Laissez Faire Citizen

Ok, I ‘fess up.  I am not really enjoying all of this unbridled patriotism.

One protest was fun, now I can say that I protested something.  But like all true conservatives, the reason I really like America is that citizenship is not really a heavy duty task. 

The biggest single problem with the Conservative Action Plan is that it would actually work.  Repealing the outrageous spending which threatens to bankrupt our nation, destroy our credit and standing in the world would restore our economy.  The longer project of restoring the republic would correct the despicable tyranny that is fomenting.  Then, it would be back to business as usual.  The drama would all be gone.

If the House of Representatives were really comprised of citizen statesmen and stateswomen who respect and listen to their constituents, it just wouldn’t be all that big of a job.  Nor would being  a Representative.  The entire Constitution is only 4 pages and it is very explicit about what the federal government may and may not do.

It is doing way too much and has been for quite some time.  So now it is incumbent upon We the People to rise up and set things right again.

I want laissez faire government and it’s counterpart, laissez-faire citizenship.  You know,  pay a little attention at election time; debate the hot issues of the day; vote; pay taxes; follow the law.  We should all get involved a little more heavily every now and then, but being a citizen of a free country means that one is free to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  That is the kind of government that I like, one that seeks out and follows the advice and meets the needs and demands of we the people, within the confines of the Constitution.

Texas is the perfect example.  Currently, it is probably the most successful of the United States.  The senior cause is that the job of being a State Legislator is part-time.  Laissez faire government, the less the better.

I understand that my proposed Conservative Action Plan is a significant threat to all of the activist conservatives who are currently enjoying the thrill of the power of the masses.  The thing is that We the People don’t like being the “masses”.  We prefer being individuals.

This game had better get moving.  I mean, there is a pretty high incentive for conservatives to drag it out as long as possible.  But the longer it takes for us to get our government back within the confines of the Constitution, the more our economy, wealth, influence and power will deteriorate.

I really do understand the envy of the liberals who can snap their fingers (and spew out a few million dollars of Mr. Soros’ money, some drugs, rock ‘n roll and sex) and have an instant protest or riot to send the cowering citizenry all atremble and willing to fork over untold tax dollars to quiet down the rioters.  I understand.

Just be warned…it gets old really fast.  We need and want a result.

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