Meet America

The placid middle class has ambled through history working, rearing children and attending church and back yard barbecues, comfortable in the certainty of providing for families and comfortable with the hereafter.

How do you awaken this particular giant?  Simply threaten that certainty.  Instill the fear that they may not be able to live their lives comfortably and to support and rear their children.  That is all that needs to happen, and that is what has happened.  The recent spending spree and host of legislation that is taking this nation straight down the path of socialism has squelched that certainty.

So, the middle class is no longer so placid, it is afraid.  Until resuming their complacency can be justified, they will remain in an uproar because they are not comfortable with fear.  They will oppose every action that prevents economic stability and growth.  This is very simple.  There are no platitudes that can assuage them, they must see recovery.  There will be no recovery as long as the deficit is so unsupportable, and socialism is on the horizon.

No more socialist legislation has a chance of being passed.   The economy won’t recover until the spending spree is rescinded and the threat of socialism is removed.  The middle class remains threatened until the economy recovers, so until it does, the rebellion of the middle class will constinue to escalate.

There is simply no other possibility.  These people will not just forfeit all that they have worked their entire lives for, no matter how mundane and humble.  These people are Americans and they, no, I mean we, will not rest until our future is secure in our own hands and our liberty ensured.

That is just the way it is.

President Obama, meet America, the one no one ever told you about.


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4 responses to “Meet America

  1. nick

    Not sure what planet you live on, but that “Sleeping Giant” you refer to is the lunatic fringe right. It is neither sleeping nor giant.

    Just a little reality check for you kooks.

    Obama 365 McCain 173

    That’s called a landslide.

    You think a couple of shouters at town hall meetings are going to change that?

    Thanks for the belly laugh.

    • gspurlock

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. But I’m not talking about the fringe…if I look and sound like the fringe to you, you are in for a surprise.

      Good job on keeping your sense of humor and best wishes to you.

      Gail S

  2. But does that America include acorn?

    • Of course it “includes” ACORN, America has never banished, slaughtered or abandoned its weakest, like socialist and totalitarian states do. But it does not allow the lowest common denominator to dictate to the majority, which is what Obama believes to be the case and is using to try to pull off a coup against the people of America.

      Best regards,
      Gail S

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