Conservative Action Plan – ACORN and the Threat to Our Electoral Process

The biggest single threat to our electoral process in the history of the United States has arrived, with literally billions of dollars slated for the partisan, tax exempt organization called ACORN.  Everybody, and I do mean everybody who has ever heard of this group knows it is a far left wing lobbying group.  And there is every indication this organization is illegally receiving federal funds which, through a convoluted set of legal organizations, are used to subvert our electoral process.    A report was recently produced in Congress documenting that the organization is set up to engage in criminal and fraudulent activity.  []

This is an organization that last fall was under investigation for voter registration fraud in over a dozen states.  And somehow, miraculously, quietly, all of those investigations just disappeared.   We know that someone bussed Chicagoans in to the Iowa caucus to give Pres. Obama his first primary win.  We know that illegal voter intimidation tactics were practiced by someone to give Obama the Texas primary.  I do not know how many other primaries were tampered with.  But I have no doubt ACORN was involved, if not primarily responsible.

What can be expected of this group if it is permitted to receive the literally billions of dollars that have been set aside for it in the Stimulus, Omnibus Spending and Budget?

We expect the economy to continue losing jobs, leaving literally millions of people unemployed.  ACORN  is going to have access to billionsof dollars, and is going to be given a leading role in performing the 2010 census. 

Please rub a few brain cells together.  Given this orgnization’s history and the opportunities it will have to corrall hundreds of thousands of unemployed people to not only perform the census, but to engage in voter fraud and election intimidation, what do you expect to happen in the 2010 elections?

We must repeal all of the spending in the Stinulus Package, the Omnibus Spending Bill and the Budget that is allocated for this organization.

Our electoral process is in jeopardy.  As the American people are demonstrating right now, they will not stand for this type of abuse.  The threats and intimidation coming from the president’s office are very mild harbingers of what we can expect if we do not defang this organization before it is fully funded with our taxes without our permission.



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2 responses to “Conservative Action Plan – ACORN and the Threat to Our Electoral Process

  1. rdk

    Realistically, Acorn is an important adjunct to the Democratic Party. As such, don’t accept any notion that it will be defunded or investigated by those presently holding the reins of power or those in the main street media supporting them. What can be done is to throw as much light on them as possible, thwart their nefarious activity where legally possible, and most importantly change the makeup of Congess in 2010 then insist that all efforts to support Acorn and similar groups be immediately rescinded.

  2. But I have no doubt ACORN was involved, if not primarily responsible.

    — but the DOJ isn’t concerned

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