A letter to the President on Independence Day

Dear Mr. President,

Happy 4th of July.

I realize that you do not think that you hate the United States of America, but I must disagree. Throughout your life you have been reared and educated by socialists, socialist sympathizers, communists and Islamists. All of these ideologies are antipathetic to the founding principles of this great nation.

All of these ideologies are tolerated here because liberty is the rule of law. Now, here you come along, hating everything that America stands for, liberty, self-governance, rule of law, respect for the individual…and you want to fix us. You want to make us more like all of those failed, hateful societies and cultures that so resent America, because you were reared and educated by such people.

They are wrong. You are wrong. All of your programs: Stimulus bill, omnibus spending bill, nationalizing the auto industry, nationalized health care, cap and trade…every single one of these programs is socialist in nature and anti-American. Every one of them is a direct assault on our nation, on our economy and on our liberty.

And, you don’t see it. I know that you don’t. You have been reared in the tradition of “dirt worshippers”. These are people who believe that the physical universe, the material universe is the “real” universe and that the spiritual universe is the “imaginary” universe, and hence, not “real”.

All of the principles that move you are based on the concept of the law of diminishing returns. This is the law of dirt, of material, of rock and molecules. It tells us that there are limits, there is only so much oil, there is only so much energy, there is only so much resource…so you have to control it. You have to apportion it. This is the principle behind mercantilism (take as much as you can get from the other guy), that is the principle which the real imperialists were working off of when they raped, pillaged and plundered the third world. But that was old Europe, not the U.S. Do not blame our nation for the follies and ill-will of the very people against whom we rebelled for those exact reasons. The law of diminishing returns is also the law that underlies socialism and communism. These principles both adhere to the physical laws of limitations and diminishing returns.

Only Judaism and Christianity teach the law of exponential returns. This law says, the more you give the more you receive. The more you create the more there is. It teaches that creation is possible. It is God’s law. It is the law underpinning the creation of the universe, it is the law of the Creator, however you choose to define It. The material universe was created by some force or identity of the spiritual universe. That law is senior and the material world is subordinate to it. And, man was created in God’s image; thereby man is at his best when creating, not when destroying or “allocating”. That will to create is the driving force behind the nation of the United States of America.

Capitalism is based on the principle of creating more wealth, the law of exponential returns, not re-distributing what already exists.

Americans believe in and live by the law of exponential returns. That is why we have become the wealthiest, most powerful, most benevolent and most generous nation in the history of the world. We are the only nation that really operates off of the law of exponential returns. Interestingly, the world has consumed twice the known oil reserves of the planet since the 1970’s. How is that possible? Only the law of exponential returns can explain it.

Science has its place, but that place is subordinate to true spirituality and the laws of the spiritual universe.

The other thing that I must point out to you is that in every conflict between the dirt worshippers and the God worshippers, the God worshippers have won. I am sorry, but Islam is a religion that worships the material, as are the Greek and Roman religions, Germanic paganism and all of the other idol worshipping creeds. People are entitled to adhere to that limited view. They always produce societies rife with criminality, hedonism and violence. They are free to live that way so long as they do not try to impose it upon the rest of us. That is where, I am afraid, you are about spin out.

The United States of America rejected all of those degraded ideologies; it is those ideologies from which it declared independence. The spiritual laws that we have adhered to as a nation are vastly superior to all of the other ideologies combined. This ideology always wins, because it can always create more. The material ideology always loses because it runs out of resources. In the Civil War, the north didn’t win because it had more resources than the slave-owning South, the North had more resources because it did not enslave other people. Slavery is a dirt worshipping mentality and it loses to liberty every time. Unless you trade sides, you too will lose. I just wanted to let you know in case you want to be a winner. You “won” the presidency, because you sold yourself as a God worshipper. Then you proceeded to try to impose your socialist, dirt worshipping ideology on our great nation. You will lose in all of your causes as long as you side with the dirt worshippers (liberals, socialists, communists, tyrants of all breeds).

If you actually receive and heed this message, today will be your Independence day; and you will know what “independence” means for the first time in your life. Until that moment you have been, and will remain a slave to the material universe. I wish you well.

Best regards,


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5 responses to “A letter to the President on Independence Day

  1. Scott Gordon

    This is the best statement of the difference between spiritual-based and materialist-based ideologies I have seen yet. I know some, about the world of ideologies Obama was raised on. I chewed over them endlessly for years while a student. I really could have used a statement like this one to snap me out of it. This is good. Really good.

  2. Sheryl Kelly Howieson

    That was truly incredible!

    Thanks Gail and may God bless you for your marvelous works and compositions!

    Your friend,

  3. Outstanding commentary. What an expression of what 90% of “real” America thinks. Thank you for your brilliant elloquance.

  4. Mr. President, tear down this spending.

  5. Gail, I love your blog. I don’t know why I’ve never seen it before. I was wondering if I could repost your letter to the president on the nowewont website. I think alot of people there would like to read it, I’ve already posted a link to your blog, but you know how people are. Anyway you can email me and tell me yes or no. I’ll abide with whatever you decision is.

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